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We DON’T CREATE the programs we do, we EXPOSE ones that ALREADY EXIST that you would never be made privy to otherwise.

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We fight to make all EQUAL

We fight to EXPOSE programs that the worlds wealthiest control

The PROGRAMS and INFORMATION we bring you changes people’s lives positively in a massive way.

Like all great people in history that fight for all people’s equality and help them gain control of their lives.


There are 3, 4 & 5 bedroom homes available NOW in All Areas (nationwide) and of All Sizes with NO CREDIT CHECK, DEPOSIT, JOB VERIFICATION, AND ALL PETS ARE ALLOWED! Temporary housing for you to occupy for up to 5 years, PAYMENT FREE. If you’re looking to save money, need a home immediately, or just want an extra get away place, then this is a perfect opportunity. These homes are ready for immediate move in. Plus, you will be helping our neighborhoods become better places in the long run.

There is an overload of homes in all areas and of all sizes (in neighborhoods ranging from the least expensive to the wealthiest) NATIONWIDE that need to be occupied immediately. You are able to choose the house that’s right for you and live in these homes- PAYMENT FREE for 5 months to 5 years. You do not pay to get into or to live in these homes.

This program helps the community, the economy, our community resources, and YOU when you occupy these homes. It allows you to save money, get a better job, go back to school, relocate, or just get your life back on track.

It’s a simple, LEGAL process that takes NO CREDIT CHECK, NO JOB OR INCOME VERIFICATION, NO BACKGROUND CHECK and NO DEPOSITS, regardless of your family size/situation or even the number of pets.

Regardless of your age or financial situation, even if you’ve had a bankruptcy, an eviction or a foreclosure, YOU CAN GET A HOME.

WE EMPOWER YOU! We teach you the FIND A FREE HOME program, so you can accomplish all this on your own and have the knowledge, for life so you can repeat it over and over.

Once learned, the process itself takes about a minute (outside of a few prep steps) that nearly anyone can do with no special skills.

Once you learn this process, you can use it again and again in any state.

We are the ONLY ones who teach this ANYWHERE. No one else will teach it, because there is no profit from the program itself.

This is one of the most life changing thing you will learn your whole life, you will never have to be without a home again! Too many people in our country are living paycheck to paycheck, without a home, or doubling up in homes. This program ends that and you will be helping to preserve our neighborhoods before they are negatively affected.


  • You will live payment free while occupying these homes as the owner
  • You will have to pay your own bills (electric, water, gas, etc.)
  • You will deal directly with the homeowner
  • You will have full power of the home (if you want to paint, you don’t have to ask anyone)
  • You will have legal paperwork that will allow you to live in the home
  • When the time is up (5 months to 5 years), you can find another home, again payment free. Because you know the process, you need only repeat it – no additional cost
  • If you’re looking to move out of state, you can do the same process where you’re going next
  • We teach you the process then you are able to go out and do it yourself
  • These homes do not cost any money to get into or live in
  • Positive feeling that you’re helping the community while helping yourself


  • Social security number, citizenship, credit check regardless of any type of credit issues (bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc.), job verification, pet limitations (within the law of course), family size, discrimination, etc.
  • You cannot lie, operate illegally, mislead or cheat anyone while using the process of this program (strictly prohibited)
  • This program is not a free hand out. It takes you to accomplish it. Once you know the process, you will be able to go out and get a home as soon as the same day, all on your own

Too many people are living in hardships all across America. Due to drastic changes in this country’s economy, lack of jobs, mass increase in government assistance and increased demand to learn this process, we are constantly developing new ways to get the FIND A FREE HOME program out to more people, quicker and more effectively. Everyone living in this country should know this program.


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“This program help me and my family find a home when ours was destroyed by fire. We had no place to go and now we have a beautiful home to live in”
Larry G
“I was able to use what I learned and find a home in Ohio when my company was transferring me. It saved me a lot of money and headaches”
Joshua M
“This is great! I can’t believe how easy it was”
Marcus B